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19:41 <Dunc> allo
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19:46 <Dunc> Well, hello. :D
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19:48 <McEwok> Hello?
19:48 <Dunc> hey.
19:48 <McEwok> Hey, Dunc.
19:48 <R_Zion> Aloha
19:48 <Dunc> He speaks!
19:48 <Dunc> (Or she..?)
19:49 <R_Zion> Hehe...it's storming and there are some 'canine' distractions
19:49 <McEwok> Hey, R_Zion - do I know you?
19:49 <Dunc> puppies!
19:49 <Dunc> Yes, TFN or LJ? :D
19:49 <McEwok> Puppies?
19:49 <R_Zion> Probably not....I've only made 1 or 2 posts besides fanfic, so I'm mostly a haunter of threads on tfn
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19:50 <R_Zion> 8 pups, to be specific
19:50 <Dunc> Hello, RogueOne.
19:50 <RogueOne> hola
19:50 <Dunc> I am pro-puppy.
19:50 <R_Zion> aloha, rogue
19:50 <R_Zion> Then you're good in my book, Dunc ^_^
19:50 <McEwok> I always thought you were a kitten person, Dunc.
19:50 <Dunc> I can't like both?
19:50 <McEwok> And, if I can tempt our celebrity lurker... kittens or puppies?
19:51 * Dunc changes topic to 'Legacy #1 chat: Warm-up round..'
19:51 <R_Zion> that's the true subject for tonight...
19:51 <McEwok> I laughed aloud at the cute Ewok doll in #1!
19:51 <Dunc> Oh yes, that reminds me...
19:51 <Dunc> ::goes to dig up comics::
19:53 <R_Zion> The new viewports on the Imp Fighters are interesting, thouhg doesn't seem like you could see out of them very well
19:53 <McEwok> I wonder if they're droids attached to the flight leader... we saw at least one with "real" viewports on page 1...
19:54 <R_Zion> that's true
19:54 <R_Zion> TIE/d, the next generation?
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19:56 <Jaymach> hey :) sorry about the lateness...sorting out computer problems
19:56 <R_Zion> welcome
19:56 <Dunc> Jaymach!
19:56 <Jaymach> though I doubt any of you will actuallyk now me bar McEwok :)
19:56 <Dunc> Erm...
19:56 <Jaymach> well and you :P if you're who I think you are
19:57 <McEwok> Hey, Jaymach!
19:57 * Dunc grins, salutes with spork
19:57 <R_Zion> o.O
19:57 <Jaymach> then yes, you also :)
19:57 <Jaymach> nice to see you again :P
19:57 <McEwok> Hello, too, apocalypsethen!
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19:57 <R_Zion> Hola, Apoc
19:58 <apocalypsethen> hi
19:58 <Dunc> Okay, I hearby declare this chat officially begun
19:58 <Jaymach> so...question for Jan :) were you privy to any of the details in Abel's latest article on Hyperspace (I assume that's possible seeing as he's had it for 5 years) and, if so, will we be seeing any references to it? ie. the funky all knowing Holocron, Shadow Hands, etc?
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20:00 <Jaymach> greetings SanctuaryMan :)
20:00 <McEwok> He's had it for that long.
20:00 <McEwok> ^^ Jaymach?
20:00 <SanctuaryMan> Hello everyone
20:00 <McEwok> Hello.
20:00 <Jaymach> well obviously not all of it, seeing as parts of it were based on new sources, but he said it's been sitting on his HDD for that long on TF.N boards
20:00 <McEwok> Could be cunning misinformation...
20:01 <Jaymach> seems a rather redundant thing to say if so :)
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20:01 <McEwok> Abel is cunning. Most SW people are.
20:01 <McEwok> Speaking of which, I assume Jan_Duursema is having technical difficulties, or just sitting in...
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20:01 <Jaymach> I expect he meant the basic information for the article was sitting on his HDD for at least a while, and he fleshed it out only lately :)
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20:01 <McEwok> Hey, Kansas!
20:02 <KansasNavy> Hey McEwok
20:02 <R_Zion> I must get hyperspace. Gleaning information secondhand is....meh...
20:02 <McEwok> So... new Sith. They look cool - are they still villainy, or are they more complex?
20:02 * Dunc sets mode: +o McEwok
20:02 <McEwok> Bearing in mind John and Jan's track-record with conflicted Sith agents...
20:02 * Dunc changes topic to 'Legacy #1 chat: The Sith.'
20:02 <R_Zion> wow, that was late
20:02 <McEwok> "'Ere. 'E buggered off"
20:02 * Jaymach shakes his fist at McEwok for getting special privelages :P
20:02 <R_Zion> my comment, that is
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20:03 <Dunc> Yeah, technical issues.
20:03 <Jaymach> it would appear so
20:03 <R_Zion> alas
20:03 <Dunc> Anyway, let's focus on discussion, not questioning any VIPs who may appear...
20:03 <McEwok> Special privileges?
20:03 * McEwok is confused
20:03 <Jaymach> your op status :P
20:03 <McEwok> Ahh. :)
20:03 <Dunc> You're special. :P
20:04 <McEwok> And the Python quote was a *very* delayed remark on RogueOne's disappearance, just to explain it.
20:04 <KansasNavy> I like Darth Wyyrlok and Krayt's relationship
20:04 * Jaymach shakes his fist once more :P
20:04 <McEwok> So're you, babe.
20:04 <KansasNavy> Sith usually arent friends
20:04 <McEwok> True.
20:04 <KansasNavy> these guys seem like buddies
20:04 <McEwok> But how independent are the Sith?
20:04 <Dunc> I wonder... does Krayt train all of them? Are they loyal to each other?
20:04 <McEwok> Friends? Or well-trained pets?
20:05 <R_Zion> Of course, perhaps with Krayt's condition he has no choice BUT to be friends with someone with the potential to aid him
20:05 <McEwok> The Rule of One seems to be "only Krayt makes decisions"
20:05 <Jaymach> I can't really imagine him training them all...doesn't seem like the type
20:05 <KansasNavy> Like Onimi (sp?) from NJO???
20:05 <KansasNavy> that worked out well....
20:05 <Dunc> So... blind loyalty.
20:05 <Dunc> Like Mara.
20:05 <McEwok> Interesting analogy. I like it.
20:06 <McEwok> From Nihl and Talon, definately. Maladi, I assume is going to fail Krayt for the last time, and be replaced by Talon.
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20:07 <Jaymach> welcome Jim :)
20:07 <R_Zion> Well, Talon seems to be made out to be a hand, not sure her skills might fit Maladi's position
20:07 <Moody_Jim> Howdy
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20:07 <R_Zion> This is all my assumption, of course
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20:07 <Jaymach> and welcome back Jan and RogueOne :)
20:07 <R_Zion> aye, wb
20:07 <RogueOne> thanks
20:07 <Jaymach> hopefully your problems will be fixed this time :P
20:07 <McEwok> Hey, who made you official greeter.
20:07 <Moody_Jim> Just sitting in, havent read Legacy books yet
20:07 <McEwok> But Hi and WB!
20:07 <Jaymach> I just get there quicker ;)
20:08 <McEwok> Gah. I need to do a CGI'd edit of this chat.
20:08 <McEwok> Speaking of which... does it seem like a fair bet that Cade shoots first?
20:08 <Jaymach> no, Greedo does! :)
20:09 * Jaymach just had to get that in :)
20:09 <Moody_Jim> heh heh
20:09 <Jan_Duursema> Hi all! Taking a break from work and saw this chat going on...
20:09 * R_Zion applauds
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20:09 <Doran> um, hi
20:09 <Moody_Jim> Hey Doran
20:09 <Jaymach> hey once again Jan :)
20:09 <R_Zion> hola, Doran
20:09 <KansasNavy> I wonder how the Knights will react to a Sith on the throne
20:09 <Jaymach> and bah :P getting there before I could welcome them
20:10 <KansasNavy> i mean, Roan was their boy
20:10 <R_Zion> Still is
20:10 <Jan_Duursema> Cade will always shoot first...and ask questions later...
20:10 <Moody_Jim> How'd you guys enjoy the first issue? Will this series go in a good direction?
20:10 <McEwok> Psychometry on the corpses?
20:10 * Yrfeloran has joined #eu
20:10 <Jan_Duursema> Heh...don't think Cade is psychometric...
20:11 <R_Zion> Cade Skywalker- Corpse Whisperer
20:11 <Jan_Duursema> LOL
20:11 <Jan_Duursema> Any thoughts/questions about Legacy 1?
20:11 <Dunc> Did you guys plan all the focus on Skywalkers in underwear, or was it just by chance?
20:12 <Jaymach> lol
20:12 <KansasNavy> Moff Geist? A good Moff?
20:12 <Dunc> First Luke and Ben... now Cade...
20:12 <Jan_Duursema> Thought was that the kids were asleep when the attack came. More like underarmor than underwear. Jammies, I guess.
20:13 <Moody_Jim> How is the series shaping up?
20:13 <McEwok> Something asked earlier - any chance you could explain the two types of Predator cockpit?
20:13 <Jan_Duursema> All the Moffs will have varying degrees of 'goodness', loyalty, etc.
20:13 <McEwok> And which are more fun to draw - Sith, Jedi, or Imperials?
20:14 <Jan_Duursema> Two types of Predator fronts. The classic front would be the leaders. Others are the rest of the squadron.
20:14 <McEwok> Oh, and - was that a Chiss among the Moffs?
20:14 <Jan_Duursema> That was a Chiss among the Moffs.
20:14 <R_Zion> Classic TIE-style, it pays to be in command
20:14 <Jaymach> hmm...a rogue Chiss, or have the Ascendancy either allied or merged with the new Empire?
20:14 <Jan_Duursema> Jedi, Sith, Imperials--all of em are too much fun to draw. I can't pick a fave.
20:15 <McEwok> Can we be spoiled with a name? From #1 the moffs seem to be Grand Admiral Veed, Director Calixte, Moff Geist, Chiss guy, and someone who might be... Moff Yage? Is that the total quorum?
20:15 <Jaymach> oh and a point of contention over on the Wookieepedia: .is. it a new Empire, or was it formed by the former Imp Remnant?
20:15 <Jan_Duursema> "a rogue Chiss, or have the Ascendancy either allied or merged with the new Empire?" Remains to be seen as the story progresses.
20:16 <Yrfeloran> Are all those Sith in the beginning naturally red, or is that part of the tattooing?
20:16 <Jan_Duursema> Moff Yage would be other other. Yes, that would be the total quorum.
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20:17 <Jan_Duursema> Tattooing--not natural color--except maybe Talon.
20:17 <Jaymach> question from earlier :) - were you/John privy to any of the details in Abel's latest article on Hyperspace (I assume that's possible seeing as he's had it for 5 years) and, if so, will we be seeing any references to it? ie. the funky all knowing Holocron, Shadow Hands, etc?
20:17 <McEwok> Thanks, Jan!
20:17 <McEwok> "maybe" Talon? *looks thoughtful*
20:17 <R_Zion> I take it the White Grand Admiral uniform has gone the way of the dodo?
20:17 <Jan_Duursema> No, hadn't seen Abel's article, but may have had some of the info given to us from LF.
20:18 <Jaymach> thanks :)
20:18 <Jan_Duursema> Veed thinks he looks better in green-gray. ;p Actually we used the white for the Imperial Mission--so Rus.
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20:19 <Jan_Duursema> Well, Talon could be a red Twi'lek--or not.
20:19 <Dunc> Are there red Twi'leks?
20:19 <R_Zion> si
20:19 <Jan_Duursema> yeah.
20:19 <Yrfeloran> Okay, so is there a reason why Nihl isn't red? Besides the fact that he looks more awesome this way? (amazing character design for him, BTW)
20:19 <McEwok> Yep - Lethans. Rarest type...
20:19 * Dunc is not quite as continuty-mad as some here.
20:19 <Jan_Duursema> Nihl just looked good white.
20:20 * Dunc changes topic to 'Legacy #1 chat.'
20:20 <Yrfeloran> of course, the bluebies are supposed to be rare too, but they show up everywhere ;)
20:20 <R_Zion> It would take away from his Nagainess to be red
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20:20 <Jaymach> Jan: do you know yourself what exactly the Treaty of Anaxes was, or will we find out later? it's been bugging the hell out of me :) Lol
20:20 <Dunc> White has color symbolism as well... It's the death-color in China, etc.
20:20 <Jan_Duursema> Someone mentioned the Ewok teddy. Thanks for noticing... :)
20:20 <McEwok> Any surprises in that *really* long lightsaber hilt he has? Or is he just overcompensating for his extension-of-someone-else's-will status?
20:20 <Jan_Duursema> We'll get more into the treaty of Anaxes later on.
20:20 <McEwok> Oh, and - Maladi seems to have changed design and species...
20:21 <Jaymach> excellent...all I needed to know :)
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20:21 <Jan_Duursema> I wasn't satisfied with Maladi in the first design. I wanted her to look more constricted--More tightly wound.
20:21 <Yrfeloran> For Maladi, I have to admit the little teardrops just make me go *blink* on a Sith. They're distracting ;)
20:22 <Jan_Duursema> That's what I was looking for.
20:22 <McEwok> *nods* makes sense, Jan - it definately *communicates* - she doesn't look a happy bunny. A bit off-kilter, maybe...?
20:22 <Dunc> She's secretly emo, maybe?
20:22 <Yrfeloran> I actually really liked the first design, though.
20:22 <Jan_Duursema> I wanted Maladi to have a creepy, quiet sadness. LOL--emo, yeah. ;p
20:23 <R_Zion> In Kol's last stand, is that Twi'lek Sith using the force with his Lekku?
20:23 <Jan_Duursema> I liked the first design too, but it did not fit Maladi as she is being characterized. Too sexy, maybe.
20:23 <Jaymach> Jan: does it bother you at all personally that comic books appear online, and also that part of the comic was leaked before it was even released?
20:23 <Jan_Duursema> No, the Twi'lek is not using the Force with his lekku.
20:23 <McEwok> *nods* Agreed. Looked sensual and mysterious - Talon lite.
20:24 <Jan_Duursema> Bother me? Well, it would have been better not to have all those pages leaked, but it is what it is.
20:25 <Dunc> It does whet the appitite... but also the pre-judgement brigade.
20:25 * StarNeptune has joined #eu
20:25 <Jan_Duursema> Yeah, Maladi 1 did look more sensual--Talon lite--which is exactly what I did not want. I wanted her to look more 'scientific.'
20:25 <Jaymach> hey Star :)
20:25 <StarNeptune> 'lo
20:25 <Jaymach> get my message on the Wookieepedia channel then? :P
20:26 <StarNeptune> I just got home
20:26 <Jan_Duursema> I'
20:26 <Yrfeloran> so most of the Sith we're going to see are going to be red-tattooed? Not going for stealth, I take it :)
20:26 <Jan_Duursema> I'm pretty used to the pre-judgement brigade.
20:26 * Moody_Jim has quit IRC
20:26 <Jan_Duursema> The Sith we have seen so far have been tattooed, yeah. Others may not be. Keep looking over your shoulder...
20:27 <Jaymach> adopting the Mandalorian concepts of stealth, perhaps? :P lol
20:27 * SWenDirectcom has joined #eu
20:27 <R_Zion> "All the Sith are tatooed! They're ripping Darth Maul! Star Wars is ruined!"
20:27 <Jan_Duursema> LOL
20:27 <McEwok> *raises eyebrows* Are there things coming that you think will really come out of left-field to surprise the fanboys?
20:27 <Jan_Duursema> I think so.
20:28 <Jaymach> will there be some more random dead Mandalorians to annoy a certain someone? :)
20:28 <McEwok> And, do you mind that this has turned into a bit of a Q-and-A...? (pleasure to have you, though! :D)
20:28 <Jan_Duursema> tch...behave... ;p
20:28 * Dunc facepalms.
20:28 <Jan_Duursema> dont' mind the Q and A
20:28 * Jaymach grins
20:28 <Dunc> Naughty boy...
20:29 <R_Zion> Will we get to see our first alien stormies in the next issue or so?
20:29 <Jan_Duursema> Possibly.
20:29 <R_Zion> That's one of the things I'm looking forward to....'Guess that species!'
20:29 <Jan_Duursema> No what?
20:30 <Jan_Duursema> Oh, I get it.
20:30 <Jan_Duursema> Question from me to you--aside from those who saw the spoilers, did you expect us to begin where we did?
20:31 <Jaymach> I saw the spoilers and .still. wasn't expecting it to begin there :P
20:31 <Jaymach> I figured that those leaked pages would be from much later on
20:31 * Simonvv has joined #eu
20:31 <Jan_Duursema> Where did you think we would begin?
20:31 <KansasNavy> Didnt see the Darth Krayt coup coming
20:31 <Jan_Duursema> Cool.
20:32 <Dunc> Yes, the coup...
20:32 <KansasNavy> that quickly, at least
20:32 <Jan_Duursema> How do you like the Imperial Knights?
20:32 <McEwok> Aye - the Roan Fel double took me by surprise too.
20:32 <McEwok> Loved 'em!!! =D
20:32 <Jaymach> I don't know really....some lurking here and there....random hints as to what may happen soon....not right in the middle of the action :)
20:32 <Simonvv> Hi
20:32 <Simonvv> Hi, is this the Legacy chat??
20:32 <Jaymach> this is Simon :)
20:32 <Anom> ya
20:32 <R_Zion> This was indeed one action packed little issue
20:32 <Yrfeloran> Got to wonder if he usually has a double stand in for him or if he deliberately condemned that one to death, though >.>
20:33 <Jan_Duursema> We wanted to start Legacy like we'd started Twilght--middle of action and catch up later.
20:33 <McEwok> Jan - we knew from the official preview that there was a Fel getting sliced by Krayt, but because Roan Fel was on the cover of #3, it totally threw me...
20:33 <Simonvv> first of all, congratulations for the comic Jan! is really good!
20:34 <Jan_Duursema> I think when someone takes on the job of being a double for a high profile person, dying is part of the job description. You have to be able to lay your life down for the person you are protecting
20:34 <Jan_Duursema> Thanks, Simonvv!
20:34 * jonandbess has joined #eu
20:34 <R_Zion> On a random note, I just noticed Roan Fel looks like my supervisor from my last job...scary
20:35 <KansasNavy> Its not good to be a double in the Legacy era. A double in Betrayal didnt do so hot, either
20:35 <Jaymach> or in EpII :P
20:35 <Simonvv> hahaha
20:35 <Jan_Duursema> R Zion--action=packed is right. Oh, yeah, tell your former supervisor that there is a job opening for him in the Empire.
20:35 <jonandbess> I just saw the chat. I'm new to the DH Star Wars comics, but this has been an intriguing beginning.
20:35 <McEwok> True... are these echoes deliberate (teenage Skywalkers in underarmour, Sith assassins killing the Imperial leader's double)?
20:36 <Jan_Duursema> Echoes are intentional.
20:36 <KansasNavy> By the way, Im also new to comics
20:36 <R_Zion> Same here....it's been a while since I bought one
20:36 <Simonvv> Im sending copies of Legacy comics, to my cousins in Peru
20:36 <McEwok> *eyes wide* Jan - cool!
20:36 * Dunc is by no means new to comics, but has a very... bumpy history with DH.
20:36 <jonandbess> afk....back soon
20:36 <Jan_Duursema> Padme's doubles never did well either.
20:36 <KansasNavy> so its been fun pretty interesting
20:37 <Jan_Duursema> Glad you are liking it so far. Lots and lots of cool stuff coming along!
20:37 <Dunc> Unless you count fanfic.. :D
20:37 * McEwok has been reading comics since before I could talk...
20:37 <McEwok> Hey, Sabewan is still canon-compliant!
20:37 <KansasNavy> so about the Galactic Alliance Core Forces mentioned in #0. Who are they?
20:37 <Dunc> DEII was the first comic I bought.
20:38 <Dunc> Or maybe it was the DE collection... Something like that.
20:38 <Simonvv> well im expectin a looott of plot twist!!
20:38 <Jan_Duursema> Galactic Alliance Core Forces? We'll see more of them later on.
20:38 * Jaymach would love to see a mention of the Protectorate but thinks that's highly unlikely :)
20:38 * McEwok seconds Jaymach.
20:38 * Jay has joined #eu
20:38 <Dunc> So the GFFA still around...
20:38 <McEwok> And a Brandl among the IK?
20:39 <Jaymach> indeed :)
20:39 <Jan_Duursema> We have more in mind for the GFFA planned out.
20:39 <Jan_Duursema> A Brandl among the IK? hmm...
20:39 <McEwok> Well, they got the training from somewhere, one assumes...
20:39 <Jan_Duursema> One assumes...
20:39 <Jaymach> and Brandl's Protectorate certainly seems like a nice place to train them :)
20:40 * Jaymach shakes away fanboy dreams
20:40 <Jaymach> so anyway :)
20:40 <McEwok> Should we be expecting the Imperial Inquisition?
20:40 <R_Zion> No
20:41 <R_Zion> Noone expects the Imperial Inquisition
20:41 <Dunc> You may certainly expect the Fanboy Inquisition...
20:41 <Simonvv> can we hope of a new Rogue Squadron??
20:41 <Jan_Duursema> You stole my line!
20:41 <Jay> What are exactly the Imperial Knights I kept hearing about?
20:41 * R_Zion flees
20:41 <Dunc> I think that's everyone's line...
20:41 <R_Zion> <.<
20:41 <Jan_Duursema> I'd like to think there would be a Rogue Squadron in the future.
20:41 <Jaymach> the Imperial Knights are Jedi working for the Empire :P
20:41 <R_Zion> >.>
20:42 <Jaymach> not evil, per se, but they certainly don't seem to be wholy good
20:42 <Simonvv> great
20:42 <Jay> ah
20:42 * Commander5052 has joined #eu
20:42 * R_Zion misses Kir Kanos
20:42 * McEwok has quit IRC (Client exited.)
20:43 <R_Zion> I hate it when my comments are totally late
20:43 <R_Zion> ...
20:43 <Commander5052> So, anyone care to spoil me? :p
20:43 <R_Zion> Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father
20:43 * McEwok has joined #eu
20:43 * mlgm has joined #eu
20:43 <Jaymach> Leia is really Luke's sister
20:44 <Dunc> Chewbacca dies.
20:44 <Commander5052> all right, enough with the sarcasm
20:44 * apocalypsethen has quit IRC (CGI:IRC (Ping timeout).)
20:44 * SWenDirectcom has quit IRC (CGI:IRC (Ping timeout).)
20:44 <Jaymach> but the sarcasm is so fun :)
20:44 <Simonvv> How do you come up with the idea of Darth Nihl´s lightsaber??
20:44 <Jan_Duursema> No!!!
20:44 <Jay> are R2 and 3p0 expected
20:44 * McEwok has quit IRC (Client exited.)
20:44 <Simonvv> oh my god!!!
20:44 <Jay> are R2 and 3p0 expected in this
20:44 <Jaymach> Jay: no need to repeat questions :)
20:44 <Jay> my bad
20:44 <Jan_Duursema> I saw a weapon that looked like it would be cool as a saber and adapted it for Nihl's weapon.
20:45 <Commander5052> Jan, are the stormies still clones? or are they conscripts and recruits ow?
20:45 <Commander5052> *now
20:45 <Jay> my computer is acting slow i didnt no it got through
20:45 * McEwok has joined #eu
20:45 <Jan_Duursema> While there still may be clones, I think most of the Stormies are conscripts and recruits.
20:45 <Commander5052> okay, thanks very much
20:46 * simonvvv has joined #eu
20:46 <Jan_Duursema> Well, not evil, not technically Jedi (at least not to a Jedi.) Trained Force users who serve the Emperor.
20:46 <Commander5052> lol, no really
20:46 * Simonvv has quit IRC (Client exited.)
20:46 <Commander5052> weird
20:46 <Commander5052> my comment from earlier
20:46 <Commander5052> came in late
20:47 <Dunc> the client can be fitzy sometimes.
20:47 <Commander5052> indeed
20:47 <Jan_Duursema> Odd, my second comment came in before my first.
20:47 <KansasNavy> will we see the Yuuzhan Vong's impact on the galaxy in some of your art (i noticed the new Coruscant look)
20:47 <R_Zion> Or will we see Vong in the flesh at all?
20:47 <Jan_Duursema> The YV had to have had a huge impact on the galaxy.
20:48 <Jan_Duursema> Might see some Vong.
20:48 <Commander5052> Jan, care to give us anything about Darth Krayt's identity? I
20:48 <Jaymach> will there be any mention of our lovely Vongerella? :P
20:48 <Commander5052> *Is he anyone we've seen before
20:48 <KansasNavy> Vos' son
20:48 <Jan_Duursema> You KNOW I can't tell you anything about Krayt.
20:48 <Commander5052> pity
20:48 <Jaymach> we could play charades? :)
20:48 <Jan_Duursema> But we will tell you if you keep reading...
20:48 <Jaymach> that's not .telling. us
20:49 <Yrfeloran> IRC charades? *laugh*
20:49 <Jaymach> hey it's worth a shot :P
20:49 <Commander5052> i'd play. :P
20:49 <simonvvv> i think Darth Nihl will a attack Krayt somewho :S
20:49 <Commander5052> i like those new TIEs in the series
20:49 <simonvvv> somehow
20:49 <Yrfeloran> I like Krayt enough that I don't feel the burning need to know who he "really is". It doesn't really matter.
20:49 <Jan_Duursema> Lots of Sith around--there's got to be attacks
20:50 <Jan_Duursema> For me, who Krayt is may not be as important as why Krayt is.
20:50 * Skylover has joined #eu
20:50 <simonvvv> it seems the new Ties are kinda weak but in a large number are deadly
20:50 <Jaymach> welcome Skylover :)
20:50 <Commander5052> So....who here thinks Jaina and Jag got together (as evdenced by Roan)?
20:50 <Skylover> thanks :)
20:50 <Yrfeloran> I was surprised that there's wasn't any Sith response to having killed Kol. - gloating or congratulations or anything. This is the first time we've seen a Skywalker killed and the killer survive, after all.
20:50 <McEwok> "Why Krayt is" - another mystery? Or the remarks about the YV already made in #0 and previews?
20:50 <Jay> i dont
20:50 <Jan_Duursema> I'd like to see the new Ties in action some more to see what they can really do.
20:50 <Commander5052> Same
20:50 <Commander5052> they look really cool
20:51 <Dunc> I do like the TIEs...
20:51 <McEwok> Jaina/Jag - I'm hopelessly prejudiced in favour.
20:51 <Dunc> But I'd rather see more character stuff.
20:51 <Commander5052> Agreed
20:51 <McEwok> And Predators = awesome.
20:51 <simonvvv> mm.. im already waiting for a Legacy game :(
20:51 <McEwok> Hey, cockpit chatter counts as character stuff!
20:51 <Jay> i jaina and zekk will end up together again
20:51 * Jaymach would prefer Jaina to get with Zekk completely as she should have since YJK :P
20:51 <KansasNavy> well, there are the TIE pilots mentioned in #0
20:51 <Yrfeloran> The predators are awesome :)
20:51 <Commander5052> oooh, more Stormie holdovers
20:51 * Dunc shrugs.
20:51 * Edward has joined #eu
20:51 <Jan_Duursema> I'd like to play Legacy on PS2
20:51 <Jaymach> PS3, by the time it came out :)
20:52 <Commander5052> The 'Cube needs more Star Wars games@ :(
20:52 * mlgm has quit IRC
20:52 <KansasNavy> The Jedi fighter totally looks like a P-38 from World War II
20:52 <Jay> tell me about it
20:52 <R_Zion> Battle Darth Krayt with the motion sensitive controller on the Wii
20:52 <Jan_Duursema> We wanted it to look like the P-38!
20:52 <jonandbess> back
20:52 <jonandbess> so I had expected #1 to jump into the world described in #0....but it seems to backtrack and do some setup of that world.... did I read that right?
20:52 <Commander5052> If your basing fighters off of WWII craft, use the F4U Corsair, I love that ship
20:53 <Jay> any news on Kotor III
20:53 <simonvvv> Jay you read my mind
20:53 <KansasNavy> V-19s are based off the F4U
20:53 <Commander5052> Oh yeah, forgot about that....
20:54 <Dunc> Guys, remember comic books?
20:54 <Jan_Duursema> We felt we wanted some setup to intro the galaxy in Legacy.
20:54 <KansasNavy> vaguely
20:54 <Dunc> Someone else can hold the gaming chat. :D
20:54 <Jaymach> oh...Jan...with the mention of the Sith order being around for 100 years...is this an exact number, or has it been rounded up? :)
20:54 <Edward> So, is Darth Andeddu going to be in Legacy, or is that another project?
20:54 <jonandbess> I guess not everyone would have caught the #0
20:54 <simonvvv> Jan why Wolf do no have an artificial hand??
20:54 <Commander5052> I like those new Imperial Knights, they remind me of those Force-sensitive from tgar Traviss story th
20:54 <Commander5052> *that Traviss story
20:55 <Commander5052> bloody typos :|
20:55 <Jan_Duursema> No total tally on the Sith, but there are a lot of them
20:55 <Dunc> Sith are the new Jedi...
20:55 <Jan_Duursema> Andeddu? I was just thinking about him the other day...
20:55 * antihero has joined #eu
20:55 <McEwok> Any chance of an idea of Jedi numbers - presumably there were some around the Galaxy, but is Wolf basically the Ben Kenobi of Legacy?
20:55 <Jaymach> hmm...something you could perhaps clear up then :) Andeddu: Sith species, or Human(oid) Sith?
20:56 <Edward> Thinking about how to include him, hopefully?
20:56 <Jan_Duursema> Wolf does not have an artificial hand--he's a poor Jedi on the run.'
20:56 <R_Zion> Loved that patch on his robe in #0
20:56 <R_Zion> hobo Jedi
20:56 <jonandbess> is this 100 years after ANH, or 100 years after the Yuuzhan Vong war?
20:56 <Dunc> after the Vong
20:56 <Jaymach> it's set in 140 ABY
20:56 <Jaymach> or 130 ABY
20:56 <Jaymach> depending
20:56 <Edward> 130/137
20:56 <Commander5052> Jan, do the Bloody Bones intentionally resemble the Mnado mythosaur skull?
20:56 <Commander5052> Jan, do the Bloody Bones intentionally resemble the Mando mythosaur skull?
20:56 <simonvvv> so he is like 7 years hiding? poor guy
20:56 <McEwok> #1 is in 130 after Yavin, #2 in 137, from what I heard
20:56 <jonandbess> jaymach, depending on...?
20:57 <Jan_Duursema> Wolf sort of has the Ben Kenobi role, but not totally. Hobo Jedi...ha!
20:57 <Jaymach> depending on which source you go to :)
20:57 <Commander5052> my thing went through twice again...
20:57 <McEwok> What a Jedi should be - is Zao still cooking?
20:57 <jonandbess> was the Vong war about 40 aby?
20:57 <McEwok> 25-30, jonandbess.
20:57 <Jan_Duursema> Yes, Rav's bloody Bones intentionally resemble the Mando skull
20:57 <jonandbess> oh, k
20:57 <McEwok> http://starwars.wikia.com/ should have most of your answers
20:57 <jonandbess> <-- very sketchy on EU events
20:58 <Commander5052> Cool
20:58 <simonvvv> the astromech droid model has changed?? i will love to see a reference to kotor´s t3-m4
20:58 <Jaymach> shameless plug for the 'pedia there :P
20:58 <Commander5052> G0-T0 would be cool too
20:58 * Jay has quit IRC (Client exited.)
20:58 <Jaymach> O.o it's unlikely that KOTOR will be referenced all .that. much
20:58 <R_Zion> a little late for them, though
20:58 <jonandbess> I'm just slowly getting into the EU. Ep III changed me from casual fan to eager fan
20:58 <Jan_Duursema> Most of the Jedi are in hiding for 7 years, yes.
20:59 <Yrfeloran> I can't quite tell from the art, but it looks like intelligence and the military have different Imp symbols, with Intel being on a grey background. The mission has the gold wings. Is that right? Also, do the number of boxes on the side indicate the relative rank of the moffs, or signify other things?
20:59 <jonandbess> but it's hard to fit Star Wars reading into all the Star Trek and Doctor Who already on my plate
20:59 <jonandbess> <-- loves Doctor Who
20:59 <Jan_Duursema> How long do you think droids can be around for?
20:59 <simonvvv> so there are a lot of jedis around!
20:59 <Edward> HK-47 was around for 4000 years
20:59 <jonandbess> aren't droids eternal?
20:59 <jonandbess> barring accidents, of course
21:00 <Jan_Duursema> There are still a lot of Jedi around
21:00 <simonvvv> if the droid have a good care they can stay for a lottt of years
21:00 <Dunc> So... Is there an intentional facial resembalance between Cade and Antares Draco, or am I seeing things?
21:00 <R_Zion> In a post-apocalyptic galaxy 3000 ABY, C-3PO rules with a golden fist
21:00 <jonandbess> and a stutter
21:00 <Jan_Duursema> The Moffs have a different symbol than the others--they represent a kinder, more giving Empire...
21:00 <Commander5052> i just looked at a pic, and I realized the Stormies are still using the E-11. Woudln't they hahave gottem A better gun by now?
21:00 <Commander5052> *have
21:00 * DVC has joined #eu
21:01 <Yrfeloran> several hundred years isn't too odd, it's happened more than once.
21:01 <Dunc> Darth Threepio...
21:01 <simonvvv> or the guns are improved on the inside only?
21:01 <McEwok> Jan, do I hear irony there?
21:01 <jonandbess> Threepio with Sith tattoo paint
21:01 <KansasNavy> stormies have the ARC-9965 gat
21:01 <Yrfeloran> Er, I meant among the moffs - Calixte and Veed in 0
21:01 * McEwok cracks up at idea of Sithreepio
21:02 <jonandbess> I don't know about Threepio with a lightsaber....his elbows have issues
21:02 <R_Zion> have it built into his arm
21:02 <Jan_Duursema> Irony? I think they Imperial Mission was truly created with good intent--but it's a heck of a way to may the Empire look good.
21:02 <McEwok> Force lightning!
21:02 <Yrfeloran> I wonder if the Sith droids get the red-and-black paint treatment :)
21:02 <Commander5052> Oooh, that would look cool
21:02 * Madine has joined #eu
21:02 <simonvvv> the red and black tattoos means anything? like the range.experience of something?
21:02 <McEwok> The Empire has never had any trouble *looking good*, to be fair.
21:03 <Dunc> Come to think of it, there are no droids in #0... Hmm...
21:03 <McEwok> Dressed by Gant and Coco Chanel.
21:03 <Edward> Nyna and Morlish are definitely moffs, right? Their Intelligence and Grand Admiral positions were a bit confusing for me.
21:03 <Jan_Duursema> There will be droids in issue 2.
21:03 <Edward> And was that Geist guy from issue 1 a moff also?
21:03 * Joe has joined #eu
21:03 <jonandbess> have we seen anyone else with sith tattoos? just Maul and our new Legacy chick?
21:03 <KansasNavy> <Edward> Geist was a Moff
21:03 <Commander5052> Jan, is Kol going to fill the same role as Obi-wan in the OT, ie, talking to Cade from beyond the grave?
21:04 <simonvvv> all the guys behind Darth nihil had a lot of tatoos
21:04 <Jan_Duursema> The way these Moffs are set up, each has a different function.
21:04 <KansasNavy> on the Kol note, anyone notice the illusion to Ganner's last stand
21:04 <KansasNavy> "None of you will pass!"
21:04 <KansasNavy> i liked that
21:04 <jonandbess> i thought that was Gandalf's last stand
21:04 <jonandbess> YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!
21:04 <Yrfeloran> That too.
21:04 <McEwok> I thought it was another Monty Python reference...
21:05 <Madine> :)
21:05 <jonandbess> African or European swallow...
21:05 * domjot has joined #eu
21:05 * McEwok gulps
21:05 <Edward> Is Morlish the only Grand Admiral, or are there more than one of them now?
21:05 <domjot> hi all
21:05 <R_Zion> hola
21:05 <McEwok> Hi, domjot
21:05 <Jan_Duursema> Morlish is the only Grand Admiral.
21:05 <jonandbess> hola domjot
21:05 <jonandbess> hola is french for 'sup
21:06 <Yrfeloran> Are the moffs in #1 when the Empire dies all the Moffs in the empire? Or are there others, and that was only a partial Mofference?
21:06 <Dunc> hola is Spanish
21:06 * Commander5052 has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:06 <Yrfeloran> whoops, sorry if I posted that twice
21:06 <simonvvv> Hola is hello in spanish, creeme yo soy de Perçu
21:06 <Jan_Duursema> We wanted Kol to have the kind of legendary last stand that Ganner had.
21:06 <Yrfeloran> Are the moffs in #1 when the Empire dies all the Moffs in the empire? Or are there others, and that was only a partial Mofference?
21:07 <jonandbess> sure, dunc. in your own little world.
21:07 * DVC has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:07 * Jaymach shudders at the word Mofference
21:07 <jonandbess> j/k
21:07 <Yrfeloran> I'm getting interesting lag.
21:07 <McEwok> Jan - is there still a Moffship?
21:07 <jonandbess> <-- was trying to be funny with the french thing.....didn't work
21:07 <Yrfeloran> Mofferences are awesome!
21:07 <McEwok> Ach, I was laughing.
21:07 <simonvvv> hahaha
21:07 <Dunc> Okay guys... do you think we might be able to get some actual discussion going?
21:08 <Dunc> Instead of pestering Jan. ;)
21:08 <jonandbess> sorry
21:08 <R_Zion> give it a whirl
21:08 <Edward> Are there going to be Mandalorians?
21:08 <McEwok> Well... I really like the way this is set up, myself... we seem to have no clear right-and-wrong.
21:08 <Jan_Duursema> You're not pestering....
21:08 * Jaymach was done with pestering a while back :)
21:08 <jonandbess> jan, it's a great setup. the promos for legacy are what helped me to start picking up DH books.
21:08 <Jaymach> do you have anything else to ask us Jan? :)
21:08 <McEwok> Obviously, we have the Jedi... except Wolf isn't exactly a Yoda... he's just a knight errant with a lightsaber.
21:08 <Dunc> Well, there's only so much I expect you can/will answer at this point. ;)
21:08 <McEwok> And Krayt is a Sith who acts like school sports captain.
21:09 <jonandbess> and I thought, while I'm at it, I might as well check out the other new series, so i've got all the Rebellions and KOTORs, too
21:09 <Jan_Duursema> Not sure if you noticed in 0--Cade's armor is partially Mando...
21:09 <McEwok> Oooh.
21:09 <Dunc> And the Twi'lek Jedi... was he even fully trained at the end of #1?
21:09 <R_Zion> Mando armor AND Vader pants
21:09 <Dunc> Vaderpants!
21:09 * Dunc changes topic to 'Legacy #1 chat: VADERPANTS!.'
21:09 <McEwok> So is it just me - or is all this making the Galaxy *wonderfully* complicated and ambiguous? *Ewok hugs to Jan, John and everyone*
21:10 <McEwok> Where does Cade buy his clothes?
21:10 <R_Zion> Hot Topic
21:10 <jonandbess> lo
21:10 <jonandbess> l
21:10 <Edward> Lok
21:10 <Dunc> Fashionable Outlaw
21:10 <Jan_Duursema> At the Darth Emporium
21:10 <R_Zion> Hiyooooo!
21:10 <jonandbess> yeah, i mean.....darth wardrobes have got to be custom-made, right?
21:11 <KansasNavy> they have holocrons for that
21:11 <Jaymach> is that a requirement of becoming a Sith? you have to get a seamstress degree first?
21:11 <Jan_Duursema> McEwok--we wanted to pose lots of questions with issue 1.
21:11 <jonandbess> darth wardrobe sounds like something from star wars meets what not to wear
21:11 <McEwok> Jaymach - oesn't seem to have stopped Talon...
21:11 <McEwok> Well, they could be second-hand.
21:11 <Yrfeloran> A Sith order of this size can afford a specialist seamstress!
21:11 <Dunc> Okay, the Thriller video is on TV, and now I want to see dancing Sith.
21:11 <Jaymach> Jan: you and John have caused us to have a horrible mess over on the Wookieepedia though! :P lol
21:12 <Jan_Duursema> Heh.
21:12 <McEwok> We're Knights of the Sith Order, and dance whenever we're bored, er...
21:12 <jonandbess> so what if everyone dies at the end of legacy of the force.....will that hurt your plans?
21:12 <Madine> A little late here...but does #2 jump forward to the look of "Adult Cade" immediately or are there things left to say in this time period?
21:12 <jonandbess> mcewok....remnant of new kids on the block
21:13 <Jan_Duursema> Hopefully, a preview will be up shortly.
21:13 * jay has joined #eu
21:13 <R_Zion> woot!
21:13 <jonandbess> what's the best site to watch for previews? starwars or darkhorse?
21:13 <Yrfeloran> I love Chak's Quin dreads in 0 :)
21:13 <Jan_Duursema> DarkHorse
21:13 <Madine> I'd imagine DH
21:13 <Yrfeloran> darkhorse.com has the previews.
21:13 <jonandbess> k
21:14 <Jan_Duursema> Yeah, Chak had the dread thing going on a bit way back in the day.
21:14 <Dunc> For comics, TFN boards find out first
21:14 <Dunc> Honestly, watching the boards is best.
21:14 <Jan_Duursema> I wonder if Quin had some influence on Chak...
21:14 <Dunc> starwars.com will have book stuff first.
21:14 <jonandbess> i wish starwars news had an rss feed
21:14 <Dunc> It does
21:14 <jonandbess> starwars.com news, specifically
21:14 <jonandbess> does it?
21:14 <Dunc> yes
21:14 <McEwok> Anything to know on Kee?
21:15 <Dunc> are you on livejournal?
21:15 <jonandbess> no
21:15 <jonandbess> i just have an rss client
21:15 <Dunc> http://www.starwars.com/data/headlines.xml
21:15 <Jan_Duursema> Kee? She'll be around soon.
21:15 <Yrfeloran> I really like how Chak's the captain, and not relegated to the life-debted or just sidekick role we so often see Wookies in in the EU
21:15 <Dunc> LJ folks, friend http://syndicated.livejournal.com/starwars_today
21:15 <Madine> Love the current crop of covers, but does anybody know when they might change in style? More Illustrative/Narrative. End of this arc?
21:15 <jonandbess> yay!
21:16 <jonandbess> i'd looked for one before, but couldn't find it
21:16 <jonandbess> that's great, thanks!
21:16 <McEwok> I just realised - we've not seen Chak's ship yet... :D
21:16 * jay has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:16 * Anom has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:16 <Jan_Duursema> Well, I'm sure Villie had an influence on the young Wookiee. Probably taught him to be independant.
21:16 <Edward> Is Broken going to be a six-issue arc?
21:16 <simonvvv> i think Chak and Cade will be rivals at first
21:17 * Jay has joined #eu
21:17 <Jan_Duursema> Broken is a six issue arc.
21:17 <Edward> What comes next? Another arc, or a few standalone issues?
21:17 <Jan_Duursema> Covers will probably more story oriented after issue 6 or 7.
21:17 <jonandbess> is the whole arc in the young Cade era?
21:17 <jonandbess> (is Cade the right name?)
21:17 <Dunc> yes
21:18 <Madine> Can somebody explain to a novice NJO reader how Krayts armor fits in? Is it a dead Vong? Armor like they wore, etc...?
21:18 <Jan_Duursema> Not sure--maybe a stand alone issue or two. I gotta catch up...
21:18 <Jay> how old is cade?
21:18 <McEwok> Cade is... 14 in #1, 21 in #2 and on, I believe...
21:18 <simonvvv> so Legacy is going to be Broken and a couple of stand alone???
21:18 <Jan_Duursema> We'll know more about Krayt's armor soon as well. There is a story behind it.
21:18 <Madine> Ahh...
21:19 <jonandbess> ok, almost 9:30 here and the wife desires company. thanks, Jan, for your time and answers. looking forward to the series!
21:19 * Jaymach is afraid he's off to talk to his fiancé now :)
21:19 <Jan_Duursema> Cool! Thanks!
21:19 <simonvvv> bye jonandbessª
21:19 <jonandbess> adios
21:19 <Dunc> McEwok?
21:19 <jonandbess> that's german
21:20 * jonandbess has left #eu
21:20 <Dunc> ha ha
21:20 <McEwok> Dunc!
21:20 <Jaymach> catch you all later :) nice for the talk Jan
21:20 <Dunc> :)
21:20 * Jaymach is now known as Jaymach|Away
21:20 <McEwok> Bye, jonandbess, Jaymach!
21:20 <simonvvv> i was hoping legacy will last at least a year
21:20 <McEwok> simon - I think it's an ongoing series
21:20 <Madine> IS it shorter than a year?
21:20 <Yrfeloran> It's ongoing, it just has arcs.
21:20 <simonvvv> sorry im new to comics.. ongoin series means...
21:21 <Jan_Duursema> Legacy is an ongoing title. The first arc--BROKEN--is only the first of many arcs
21:21 <Madine> No distinct foreseeable end...?
21:21 <simonvvv> ok now i understand
21:21 <R_Zion> We need to see a Gand, somewhere...somehow
21:21 <Jan_Duursema> No forseeable end. We do the stories in arcs.
21:21 <KansasNavy> Khaleesh would be cool to see
21:21 <Jan_Duursema> I love Gand.
21:21 <McEwok> Is the intension, long term, to focus more-or-less on the characters in #0...
21:21 <R_Zion> Maybe a Gand Stormtrooper....already comes with his own helmet. Just needs to paint it white
21:21 <McEwok> Is the intension, long term, to focus more-or-less on the characters in #0...?
21:21 <Yrfeloran> What's with that glowy pawprint thing Roan wears where the moffs wear the imperial symbol?
21:22 <simonvvv> i hope Talon shows up in the next arcª
21:22 <Edward> Perhaps the Imperial Knight symbol?
21:22 <Jan_Duursema> The characters in 0 will be seen. There are others not in 0 which are in the first arc as well.
21:22 <Madine> Knights are such a cool concept
21:22 <Jan_Duursema> You will see Talon very soon
21:23 <Madine> Tell me they have some sort or round conference table somewhere....:)
21:23 <McEwok> Did you expect the Imperial Knights to be the big hit they seem to be?
21:23 <simonvvv> cool, i want to see her personality
21:23 <Jan_Duursema> Yrfeloran--The 'glowy pawprint' thing is Roan's Imperial symbol.
21:23 <McEwok> And is there anyone who *doesn't* love 'em as an idea?
21:24 <Jan_Duursema> One of the reasons nothing was said about the Knights is that Randy knew they would be interesting to many.
21:24 <McEwok> Kudos, all of you!
21:24 <Jan_Duursema> Thanks!
21:24 <Edward> I expected something like them since the HOT Trilogy, but until now the closest I've gotten is that woman from Dark Tide II. So glad the concept is finally used.
21:25 <simonvvv> Jan how did you feel when in the DH message board , almost everybody was hatin Legacy without reading it, a couple of months ago
21:25 <Jan_Duursema> Eh, business as usual.
21:25 <Yrfeloran> Roan's Imperial symbol? *blink* His personal symbol? Or the symbol of his dynasty? Interesting.
21:26 <simonvvv> well the important thing is Legacy shut a lot a mouthsª
21:26 * Dunc snorts
21:26 * McEwok is drooling
21:26 <Yrfeloran> I'm always very impressed at how the Dark Horse people handle fans. You all always strike me as very tolerant and professional even under pressure, and you always seem to be having fun :)
21:26 * R_Zion hands McEwok a towel
21:26 <KansasNavy> i like this era. i finished Betrayal before reading Legacy 1. A nice one-2 punch
21:27 <Jan_Duursema> Symbol of Dynasty.
21:27 <simonvvv> i want to read Betrayal...
21:27 <KansasNavy> like McEwok said, the galaxy is so much more complex now
21:27 <Yrfeloran> Awesome :) Thanks!
21:27 <McEwok> Yrfeloran - they can do things like littering a story panel with dead Mandos. I'd say they know they hold all the cards.
21:27 <Edward> Are the Imperial Knights essentially Jedi in everything but name, or do they have their own ranks, training mehtods, etc?
21:27 <Jan_Duursema> How could we not have fun? It's Star Wars!!!
21:28 * domjot has quit IRC (CGI:IRC.)
21:28 <simonvvv> the Imperial Knights can do things like force lighting+
21:28 * Jay has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:28 <simonvvv> ??
21:28 <Jan_Duursema> I guess the question with the Knights is this--Is serving the Emperor the same as serving the Force?
21:29 * skitz-o has joined #eu
21:29 <Jan_Duursema> But yes--they would have their own ranks, training etc
21:29 <Edward> I see it as not really different to the NJO choosing to serve the Alliance.
21:29 <McEwok> The Force is life; therefore living is serving life?
21:29 <Yrfeloran> Well, it's more like other people sometimes seem to view dealing with fans as a chore :)
21:30 <Jan_Duursema> A chore? No--I'm a SW fan too.
21:30 <Dunc> Wel, consider - if the Emperor is trained, does the Emperor listen to the Force, or politics?
21:30 <Jan_Duursema> Good thought. What does the Emperor serve?
21:30 <simonvvv> i think he serves his will, with aid of the force
21:30 <McEwok> "Who does the Grail serve"? - and no, that's not Monty Python
21:31 <Madine> Is it a constant choice the Knights face or could they be sworn/honor bound to protect the Emperor?
21:31 * McEwok is sorry all my references seem one-track tonight
21:31 <Jan_Duursema> Constant and interesting choice, isn't it?
21:31 <simonvvv> "I sware to serve the emperor above the will of the force":S
21:32 <Jan_Duursema> :)
21:32 <Edward> Well, from the previews, it seems the Imperial Knights serve the Emperor as an individual rather than the Emperor as an institution
21:32 <McEwok> What was it, Krayt asked - fealty and alleigance?
21:33 <R_Zion> loyalty and fealty, yeah
21:33 <Jan_Duursema> The Knights are loyal to the Emperor.
21:33 <Edward> So they chose to stay and serve Krayt now?
21:34 <KansasNavy> why would Krayt need the IK
21:34 <KansasNavy> he has his own Sith
21:34 <Jan_Duursema> The Emperor who they swore allegience to
21:34 <simonvvv> to use them as bait
21:34 <McEwok> Some people take fealty more seriously than others? :)
21:34 * skitz-o has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:34 <Edward> So they do serve the Emperor as an individual, then
21:34 <Jan_Duursema> yes
21:35 <Edward> That does seem like it might violate the Jedi view on attachment
21:35 <simonvvv> thats why they are not jedi :/
21:35 <Jan_Duursema> :)
21:36 <Jan_Duursema> what'd you think of Queen Jool?
21:36 <Edward> But the original IKs were Jedi who chose to serve the emperor, weren't they?
21:36 <Edward> I liked her. About time we got a Hutt hottie.
21:36 <Madine> Is the Imperial Knights armour Saber-proof, you think?
21:36 <Edward> I also like the idea of her basically living in a swamp in her basement.
21:37 <Jan_Duursema> We don't say who the original IK were.
21:37 <KansasNavy> Id hit that
21:37 <R_Zion> So the female star wars fans finally get their due with a female hutt who will have scantilly clad men?
21:37 <Madine> lol..oh lord
21:37 <Yrfeloran> a hutt in a corset cracks me up
21:37 <Jan_Duursema> Hoping it would
21:37 <simonvvv> Queen Jool.. looks like funª
21:37 <Jan_Duursema> yeah, I think Jool will be fun
21:37 <KansasNavy> i like the blurb for Finn
21:37 <Madine> And a feather for that *touch* of sofistication...:)
21:37 <KansasNavy> ...brother
21:38 <Jan_Duursema> Miss Kitty
21:38 <R_Zion> lol
21:38 <simonvvv> i hope people still play Pazzak in this era
21:38 <Jan_Duursema> Pazzak 3
21:39 <simonvvv> :)
21:39 <R_Zion> Pazzak 3: the revenge
21:39 <Jan_Duursema> ha.
21:39 <Jan_Duursema> Think Cade will fall for the Zeltron?
21:40 <KansasNavy> whats that ship in the bottom right corner of the Ships page in #0
21:40 * piranha has joined #eu
21:40 <Dunc> She's very, erm...
21:40 <Dunc> pink
21:40 <R_Zion> This is Star Wars, it's never that easy
21:40 <Madine> Is there much happening in Space in this arc?
21:40 <Edward> I'm betting it'll be a one-night-stand with those two.
21:40 * razzy1319 has joined #eu
21:40 <piranha> er hello?
21:40 <Yrfeloran> I think it would be awesome if they ended up together permanantly, but for one reason or another it's not going to happen.
21:40 <razzy1319> cool
21:40 <piranha> hey it works. great.
21:40 <simonvvv> i think yes, and that will get a lot of troubleª
21:40 <McEwok> Hey, razzy!
21:40 <razzy1319> Hello
21:40 <razzy1319> ther
21:40 <simonvvv> Hello
21:41 <Madine> I think thats the back of the mynock, correct?
21:41 <Jan_Duursema> Ship int he right hand corner--that's a Sith ship.
21:41 <McEwok> Is there any reson for the random Quarren opposite the Sith ship? We've not heard mention of Mon Cal yet?
21:41 <Madine> Ah...
21:41 <R_Zion> Darth Stryfe looks oddly familiar...I swear I've seen that face before
21:42 <Yrfeloran> There was a Mon Cal youngling, right?
21:42 <Jan_Duursema> The Quarren was designed by Dan Parsons. Just wanted to get him in there.
21:42 <KansasNavy> starting center for the Patriots
21:42 <KansasNavy> j/k
21:42 <Edward> Are we going to see Zeltros in the series at all?
21:42 <Jan_Duursema> Yeah, a Mon Cal youngling
21:43 <R_Zion> A Wild Weekend of Zeltros
21:43 <McEwok> Thanks, Jan - and Dan, the strong-but-silent guy in the team! :D
21:43 <Jan_Duursema> Zeltrons?
21:43 <R_Zion> *on, not of
21:43 <R_Zion> blast my fingers
21:43 <razzy1319> Yay, it Ms Duursema
21:43 <simonvvv> we will se more of the ewok toy? :P
21:43 <Edward> Zeltros, their planet
21:43 <piranha> I know it's a bit premature, since the comic just came out a couple of days ago, but is there any preliminary discussion about incorporating them in the Star Wars Miniatures game? The designs are just too cool.
21:44 <simonvvv> *see
21:44 <Jan_Duursema> Oh, thought it was a typo--sure, I can see Cade and Syn take in a wild weekend on Zeltros
21:44 <Jan_Duursema> SW mini? That would be cool
21:44 <Jan_Duursema> I'd like to see the Ewok toy again.
21:45 <Dunc> It could be the Big Boy of Legacy...
21:45 <Yrfeloran> Well, Kun and Qel-Droma are in the latest set, so it's not impossible
21:45 <R_Zion> Who or what is that stormtrooper helmet for in the upper right of the last page?
21:45 <Yrfeloran> In #0, you mean?
21:45 <R_Zion> yes
21:45 <Jan_Duursema> The Ewok could be the Furby of Legacy
21:45 <piranha> speaking of stormtroopers, was there any discussion about letting them go back to customizing their armor?
21:45 <Edward> Weekend on Zeltros...can't wait!
21:45 <razzy1319> So, anyone spot an alien Stormtrooper yet?
21:46 <R_Zion> not yet
21:46 <simonvvv> a miniature of the patched Ewok
21:46 <Jan_Duursema> The alternate Stormtrooper helmets were for alien races
21:46 * QuinlanVos has joined #eu
21:46 <R_Zion> I mean, is that one (not the Rodian one) for any particular species?
21:46 <R_Zion> Or just random?
21:46 <McEwok> Any non-toy Ewoks...
21:47 * McEwok has been itching to ask all chat.
21:47 <R_Zion> Looks like Kel Dor or Aqualish...
21:47 <Yrfeloran> a Sith Ewok with red and black dyed fur.....? :P
21:47 <Jan_Duursema> ha!
21:47 <Jan_Duursema> Cuddly
21:48 <Madine> With an absurdly long lightsaber...lol
21:48 <Edward> Would Lucas allow that, given his prohibition on lesser species being Jedi?
21:48 <piranha> Darth Kudli
21:48 <Jan_Duursema> LOL!
21:48 <Yrfeloran> a little stuffed Sith Ewok for Sith Younglings
21:48 <Yrfeloran> he bites!
21:49 <R_Zion> squads of Sith ewoks pick the dead and roast them for the armies supper
21:49 <R_Zion> *army's
21:49 <Jan_Duursema> Sick
21:49 * McEwok grins hungrily
21:49 <piranha> I still want to knonw if we're going to see cool customized stormtrooper armor or new helmet designs.
21:49 <Jan_Duursema> Not sure yet. I hope both.
21:50 <Yrfeloran> we do know Ewoks will worship anyone. Ewok Sith cultists would be amusing :)
21:50 <KansasNavy> Will we see any large Clone Wars/YV War style battles, or is this more of a shadow war
21:50 <piranha> I just want to compliment everyone involved on a great new series. I've been lukewarm about all the other Star Wars series over the last few years, but this one has me really excited.
21:50 <Jan_Duursema> We should see some of both , I think.
21:51 <piranha> cool.
21:51 <Jan_Duursema> Glad to hear that KansasNavy.
21:51 * razzy1319 has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:51 <Edward> Are you and John going to be doing the majority of this series?
21:51 <KansasNavy> you mean piranah? (although i share his sentiment)
21:51 <piranha> I think you meant me.
21:51 <Jan_Duursema> John should be writing them all--I may need some fill ins
21:52 <Jan_Duursema> Talking about large battles vs shadow war?
21:53 <simonvvv> i will love to see both
21:53 * McEwok is wondering how Sith react to possible anti-droid attitude
21:54 <McEwok> How *EWOKS*, dammit
21:54 <Jan_Duursema> One of the things we highlighted in issue 0 was the impact the YV had on the galaxy. Something like that does just not go away.
21:54 <piranha> I want to see a Darth Kudli as a downloadable desktop background.
21:54 <Jan_Duursema> Make it so.
21:54 <R_Zion> if only SWAG was still around
21:54 <piranha> you will? awesome!
21:54 <piranha> (wishful thinking)
21:55 * piranha has quit IRC (CGI:IRC.)
21:55 * piranha has joined #eu
21:56 <Jan_Duursema> I think the Sith would have droids around. They would need slaves.
21:56 <Jan_Duursema> I could see Maladi with some droids.
21:56 <simonvvv> Maladi+
21:57 <Yrfeloran> interrogation droids?
21:57 <R_Zion> I can't wait to see this Eras droids...whee!
21:57 <piranha> so do you guys have complete family trees filled out for the Skywalkers, Solos and Fels?
21:57 <simonvvv> ooh Maladi with torture droidsª
21:57 <Jan_Duursema> Interrogation, torture, yeah. Maladi is not nice.
21:57 * razzy1319 has joined #eu
21:57 * antihero has quit IRC (Client exited.)
21:57 <Jan_Duursema> Family trees? We got em
21:57 <simonvvv> in 1 Maladi looked a little bit sad
21:58 <R_Zion> O.O
21:58 <KansasNavy> i like Darth Wyyrlok
21:58 <KansasNavy> and his relationship with Krayt
21:58 <piranha> cool. Is this a canonical family tree? as in, will the novels and games and such follow it when the situation arises?
21:58 <KansasNavy> Jan, would you consider them to be friends, or Wyyrlok to just be a hand of Krayts?
21:58 <Edward> I wouldn't be nice either if Krayt kept bitch-slapping me around erery time he gets cranky.
21:58 * Donos26 has joined #eu
21:58 * Skylover has quit IRC (CGI:IRC (Ping timeout).)
21:59 <Jan_Duursema> I thought Maladi needed to have a sad look. Yah, I like Wyyrlok too.
21:59 <simonvvv> Jan but Maladi is really evil, right?
21:59 <Jan_Duursema> Oh yeah, Maladi is really really evil
21:59 <Jan_Duursema> Evil in a softer guise is fascinating.
22:00 <KansasNavy> ask Japanese scientists in WWII
22:00 * IanR has joined #eu
22:00 * IanR has quit IRC (IanR.)
22:00 <razzy1319> ^^ that reminds me of the old storytelling cliche... are they evil-evil or evil with a reason?
22:00 <Jan_Duursema> Wyyrlok is not one of Krayt's 'hands'--he is the 3rd generation of that name. More of an advisor, confidant.
22:00 <simonvvv> a friend told me that Maladi looked like the "good girl", hope the futures issues prove him wrong
22:01 * IanR has joined #eu
22:01 <R_Zion> I like how Maladi had a little 'Darth Revan' going on with that ring on the front of her outfit
22:01 <KansasNavy> are all the Sith baddies lost to the dark, or are they redeemable (can they be tempted by the light much like a Jedi can be to the dark)?
22:02 <Jan_Duursema> It is always interesting to have the potential of light within the dark
22:02 <Jan_Duursema> Maladi is evil with much reason
22:02 <Donos26> I'm trying to find a free copy of Legacy 1
22:02 <Donos26> because I don't feel like driving to the closest comic shop...
22:02 <Donos26> Any ideas?
22:03 <McEwok> Hi, Ian!
22:03 <IanR> hey :)
22:03 <Donos26> Hah, guess not.
22:04 <IanR> Jan: congrats on Legacy #1, it;s a very good start tio an exciting new era
22:04 <R_Zion> Order it online
22:04 <IanR> Donos26: you could try ordering online somewhere
22:04 <IanR> beaten!
22:04 <Jan_Duursema> Question I posed before about the effect of the YV on the galaxy. How soon would the effects go away? I think they would be present for a long time to come.
22:04 <Donos26> Meh, why pay when you can steal? good idea though.
22:05 <R_Zion> Some things, like Ithor, will leave scar for centuries, some that might not ever go away
22:05 <Edward> Well, Dark Nest and LOTF show life back to normal, same as before.
22:05 <Donos26> I think the effect the YV had will last for a long long time. Like...sith empire long time.
22:05 <Donos26> I mean, they sorta melted Ithor right?
22:05 <IanR> I would see the effects as being similiar to WWII... decades after the fact, the ramifications are still being felt
22:05 <Jan_Duursema> Well, things might be back to normal in some places, but it is a big galaxy.
22:05 <Donos26> Or there will be a lot of prejudice
22:06 <Jan_Duursema> The prejudice would remain--long lived beings remember for a long time.
22:06 <McEwok> I don't think Dark Nest was "same as before" - a lot of the plot was built around "Reconstruction"...
22:06 <Donos26> I'm more interested in how this whole Corellian thing plays out.
22:06 <KansasNavy> Well, places like Ithor and Sernpidal wont EVER be the same
22:06 <KansasNavy> and you have to consider the social damage
22:07 <McEwok> I'm faintly concerned by the reference that the Mynock came from the *Selonian* shipyards
22:07 <simonvvv> economic damage
22:07 <IanR> I agree on the prejudice - the galaxy is going to remember how many times the Vong broke their word
22:07 <KansasNavy> can the people ever trust the government to keep them safe
22:07 <Jan_Duursema> severe economic damage.
22:07 <piranha> will there be Mandalorian Commandos, or whatever Boba Fett recreated them as?
22:07 <Jan_Duursema> Trust in the Vong would not come easily if ever
22:08 <Yrfeloran> I just hope people stop taking away everything that made the Corellian Trilogy selonians neat and fun. The hyperspace webstrips are trying to make them into Yet Another Race of Cat-People
22:08 <KansasNavy> the problem with economic damage is that it can be recreated in rebuilding efforts. someone is being paid to rebuild Coruscant and a host of other worlds
22:08 <Donos26> I'm kind of surpised nobody has involved the Vong as much as before.
22:08 <Donos26> A vauge refrence in the first dark nesk book
22:08 <IanR> never mind that between the Clone Wars, the Civil War, the war between the New Republic and the Imperial remnant, the Vong invasion... the galaxy has had half a century or more of almost constant warfare...
22:08 <Donos26> and nothing since really
22:08 <McEwok> And the failure of the Ossus Project isn't going to encourage it.
22:08 <McEwok> Trust in the YV, that is...
22:09 <Dunc> I think a lot of that was that we, the readers, had FIVE YEARS of the Vong.
22:09 <KansasNavy> The Vong are in hiding as of Dark Nest and assumably in the LotF books
22:09 <Jan_Duursema> Exactly--the failure of the Ossus Project was a disaster
22:09 <Donos26> Time for a little time out? makes sense
22:09 <simonvvv> that bad???
22:09 <Jan_Duursema> That bad.
22:10 <McEwok> Dunc - agreed. Though the occasional YV - additional to Tahiri - would have been fun.
22:10 <simonvvv> so in a future we can get a stand alone of the Ossus disaster :P
22:10 <Jan_Duursema> Not sure about that, but it is something we will be exploring
22:10 <Edward> Are we going to get more backstory on the history of the Alliance and the Sith-Imperial War as the seires goes on?
22:10 <Jan_Duursema> yes
22:11 <KansasNavy> I think it would be neat to see the YV try and redeem themselves in Legacy
22:11 <IanR> 'Galactic Alliance Core Force'? :)
22:11 <razzy1319> Jan: Any plans to show YV, Zonama, Mandos in the future?
22:11 <Jan_Duursema> Might be...
22:11 <Donos26> That's another thing. Tahiri doesn't do much anymore. She was a main character but went the way of Lowbacca.
22:11 <razzy1319> cool
22:11 <Jan_Duursema> Yeah--GACF...:D
22:12 <Dunc> Lots of characters need to go away. The NJO was overstuffed.
22:12 <R_Zion> brb....gotta put my Ewok dog to bed
22:12 * jonandbess has joined #eu
22:12 <jonandbess> hey, it's still on
22:12 <Jan_Duursema> Juggling lots of characters is not an wasy thing.
22:12 <jonandbess> we just watched best of mike myers
22:12 <KansasNavy> "Yeah--GACF...:D" <-- they're Yuuzhan Vong?
22:12 <Dunc> Too many people, doing too many things.
22:12 <Donos26> True, I guess I just grew to like her
22:12 <Dunc> Maybe it's better in comics, where you can do arcs more easily.
22:12 <Jan_Duursema> GACF? Not YV ;p
22:13 <jonandbess> so, basically, you have nothing better to do than sit around and talk star wars with one of the creators of the EU
22:13 <KansasNavy> oh
22:13 <IanR> I would presume GACF is the 'remnant' of the Galactic Alliance...
22:13 <R_Zion> back
22:13 <IanR> the rebels of the day? :D
22:13 <McEwok> Donos25 - agreed
22:13 <Jan_Duursema> IanR--like that
22:14 <Donos26> Anyways.
22:14 <Donos26> Cade Skywalker. He's Ben's great grandson?
22:14 <Donos26> something like that?
22:15 <Jan_Duursema> Not even easy to balance out lots of characters in the comics. Always with we could have seen more of certain characters in Republic
22:15 <Yrfeloran> I don't think she can answer that :P
22:15 <Jan_Duursema> Cade is a descendant of Luke.
22:15 <Donos26> hah, I had to ask though
22:15 <Jan_Duursema> Heh
22:15 <jonandbess> not being a regular EU follower, I was wondering how many post-Luke branches of the Skywalker name there might be, for Cade to be descended from
22:16 <Jan_Duursema> Not something we will be addressing right away.
22:16 <R_Zion> we only know of 1 so far
22:16 <Dunc> Right now we only know of one - Luke's son Ben
22:16 <razzy1319> Right now there is 1 officially
22:16 <simonvvv> i thought Cade was drunk:S
22:16 <Yrfeloran> course. Kol has red heair - but this being the EU, red hair is as common as dirt
22:16 <Jan_Duursema> Drunk?
22:16 <jonandbess> and the mother is ...Mara Jade?
22:16 <razzy1319> yup
22:16 <Dunc> yeah
22:16 <Donos26> Yeah. Mara + Luke = Ben
22:17 <Yrfeloran> unless you listen to McEwok
22:17 <KansasNavy> Is there even a rebellion? or is the majority of the galaxy content with the Empire?
22:17 <Donos26> How so?
22:17 <jonandbess> what does McEwok say?
22:17 <McEwok> You don't want to know!
22:17 <Jan_Duursema> >>Is there even a rebellion? or is the majority of the galaxy content with the Empire?<< Keep reading...
22:17 <jonandbess> it probably wouldn't make sense to me anyway
22:17 <Donos26> I'll brb
22:17 <Donos26> don't miss me too much
22:18 <Yrfeloran> Oh!
22:18 <Yrfeloran> that reminds me
22:18 <Yrfeloran> are we ever goin g to learn anything about Cade's mother? Or Marasiah's mother?
22:18 <Yrfeloran> Right now Legacy seems almost as bad as Tolkien for missing mothers ;)
22:18 <jonandbess> I need to go get my book.....who was marasiah?
22:18 <Dunc> the princess
22:18 <jonandbess> k
22:18 <razzy1319> I Think the Jedi would constitute as a Rebel Force
22:18 <Yrfeloran> Marasiah is the daughter of the Emperor.
22:18 <Jan_Duursema> shakes the magic 8 ball..."All will be revealed in time"
22:18 <IanR> guys, it's going to be the real pleasure of reading this series... there is so much to discover!
22:19 * Joe has quit IRC
22:19 <jonandbess> lots can happen in 100 years
22:19 <piranha> I always pictured the future of the Skywalker/Solos similar to the Kennedy's. They would basically be the 'royalty' of the galaxy and would be constantly followed by the press.
22:19 <jonandbess> just think about 1906
22:19 <piranha> some would be good, some bad.
22:19 * simonvvv has quit IRC (Ping timeout.)
22:19 <jonandbess> piranha, nice parallel
22:19 <jonandbess> or the bush family
22:19 <jonandbess> (not)
22:19 <piranha> lol
22:20 * simonvv has joined #eu
22:20 <Yrfeloran> let's leave politics out of this
22:20 <Jan_Duursema> Skywalker/Kennedy. Poor Skywalkers...
22:20 <razzy1319> Jan: Does Cade have an alias? or Does he go around like Luke as a Skywalker
22:20 * heck has joined #eu
22:20 <Jan_Duursema> He just calls himself Cade. No last name.
22:20 <Yrfeloran> skywalker-following paparazzi...
22:20 <simonvv> mm. so i think that Cade likes to drink and my connection goes down :(
22:20 <jonandbess> if Cade is known as a skywalker, wouldn't his bounty hunter friends get a clue?
22:21 <IanR> maybe they are a bit dim... :)
22:21 <Jan_Duursema> Think they would turn him in??? =O
22:21 <IanR> or it's "Cade... jusr Cade."
22:21 <razzy1319> Like everybody on Tatooine
22:21 <simonvv> Cade Starkiller+
22:21 <razzy1319> yeah
22:21 <jonandbess> Cade Darklighter
22:21 <piranha> that would be great.
22:21 <McEwok> Cade Solo?
22:21 <McEwok> *ducks*
22:21 <Yrfeloran> Hey, some of Luke's friends ended up turning him in, IIRC
22:21 <IanR> Tatooine, the busiest backwater in the galaxy
22:21 <jonandbess> Cade Duo
22:21 <Dunc> Please tell me he doesn't go as Cade Lars...
22:21 <piranha> R. Cade
22:22 <Dunc> Cade Jade. Ha!
22:22 <razzy1319> hahaha
22:22 <Jan_Duursema> Ouch
22:22 <piranha> ha!
22:22 <R_Zion> R. Cade? He stole my name?
22:22 <jonandbess> ich mus pissen......brb
22:22 <piranha> So.... Jag Fel... first of the new emperors?
22:22 <piranha> we won't tell.
22:22 <Jan_Duursema> could be
22:22 <Jan_Duursema> or not
22:22 <Dunc> Could be Jag's kid.
22:23 <simonvv> in number 2,Cade doesnt have lightsaber, right+
22:23 <Yrfeloran> There are a whole lot of Fels
22:23 <Yrfeloran> a lot more Fels than Skywalkers
22:23 <piranha> what did the preview say? Roan was the third Fel in the line?
22:23 <McEwok> Most of the Fels are meant to be dead.
22:23 * Edward has quit IRC (Chatzilla 0.9.73
Firefox 1.0.7/20050915.)
22:23 <Jan_Duursema> Always a lot of Fels
22:23 <Dunc> Yup/
22:23 <Yrfeloran> Plus Baron Fel got cloned....
22:23 <Dunc> And his grandfather was the first
22:23 <IanR> good point
22:23 <piranha> (did he?... seriously? when?)
22:23 <Yrfeloran> There's almost certainly hundreds of Fels still out there, counting the clones.
22:23 <KansasNavy> i hope they're unrelated to the Fels we know and tolerate
22:23 <Dunc> But we don't know who Roan suceeded.
22:23 <IanR> by thrawn
22:23 <KansasNavy> thats the big surprise
22:24 <Yrfeloran> he was a clone template for Thrawn
22:24 <KansasNavy> just happen to have the same last name
22:24 * Spunk has joined #eu
22:24 <McEwok> But the "Victory without War" idea is apparently the first Emperor Fel's idea... which reminds me of something Chak said.
22:24 <jonandbess> back
22:24 <McEwok> The Fel, not the Wookiee.
22:24 <Donos26> Is Roan Fel a decandent of Baron Fel?
22:24 <Yrfeloran> this is Star Wars...that never happens. Except for Antilles.
22:24 <IanR> yes, how the Chiss and the Empire of the Hand feed into this is going to be interesting... :)
22:24 <McEwok> No, they don't have the name - the ones in VotF were called Devist
22:25 <McEwok> The clones, that is.
22:25 <jonandbess> so, how does Billie Piper's departure affect this series?
22:25 <Yrfeloran> Clearly Chak shaved, and was in disguise as a Fel in Survivor's Quest :P
22:25 <piranha> if each Fel would be emperor for about forty years, it MIGHT be Jag Fel... if he took the throne in his older years.
22:25 <KansasNavy> which is possible
22:25 <Yrfeloran> I'm sure nobody would stop one if he claimed a right to the name.
22:25 <Yrfeloran> (a clone -)
22:26 <IanR> depends on how clones are treated legally in the GFFA
22:26 <piranha> I have to say again, that Legacy is the most exciting thing to come along in SW in forever. Finally not knowing how the story is going to turn out is exhilarating!
22:26 <piranha> Even with NJO and LoTF, you know that the Big Three are going to be okay.
22:26 <Donos26> Jan, I have to say I really like what I've seen so far. Keep up the good work and it'll be -amazing-
22:26 <Jan_Duursema> I'm really excited for you all to see the next couple of issues.
22:26 <Dunc> (BTW, chat was officially over at a half hour ago. But continue, if you wish)
22:27 <simonvv> Felicitaciones!!
22:27 <IanR> McEwok: what did Chak say?
22:27 <KansasNavy> hehe
22:27 <Jan_Duursema> Anyone have anymore questions for me?
22:27 <piranha> Mandalorians? (in case I missed a response)
22:27 <KansasNavy> im going to be in boot camp when the #2 hits the stands and maybe for #3
22:27 * heck has quit IRC
22:27 <McEwok> IanR - he said "sometimes, the best wars are the ones you win without firing a shot", or words to that effect.
22:27 <IanR> ah :)
22:27 <McEwok> Then again, I think Chak = Jag, but maybe that's just me.
22:27 <KansasNavy> so i have to fight off anticipation for awhile
22:27 <Yrfeloran> I love that golden throne the Emperor has. Roan is big on the bling, eh? ;)
22:27 <Donos26> uhm....
22:27 * Jaymach|Away is finally back :)
22:27 <Dunc> I asked the one about Cade and Antares, but I expect I was talking out my ass. :D
22:27 * Jaymach|Away is now known as Jaymach
22:28 * Spunk has quit IRC (Client exited.)
22:28 <Donos26> I really can't think of anything
22:28 * jonandbess has left #eu
22:28 * Criatal has joined #eu
22:28 <Jan_Duursema> Cade and Antares? I missed that one
22:28 <Dunc> I think they look alike - facially.
22:28 <Dunc> Is that intentional?
22:28 <Yrfeloran> Thanks for crashing the chat, btw, Jan :)
22:28 <Donos26> Well, I can't think of any questions that you would answer. :)
22:28 <piranha> yes. thanks.
22:29 <Jan_Duursema> You are welcome. I just happened to log on and saw it so I figured it would be fun--and it has been!
22:29 <McEwok> :D Thank you, Jan!
22:29 <simonvv> great, thanks and keep up the good work Jan
22:29 <Donos26> I think I'm gonna go read it again and read between the lines. Thanks Jan
22:29 <Dunc> Yes, thanks for coming. :D
22:29 <IanR> Thanks for participating Jan
22:29 <Jan_Duursema> You are welcome--anytime. :D
22:29 <R_Zion> Indeed, thank you much
22:30 <razzy1319> Jan: About reviving the feeling of the movies, does it include the Luke and Leia relationship? ehhehe
22:30 <piranha> (fan since Barren Earth)
22:30 <Jaymach> curious...how much sucking up does it take to get characters named after you? :P lol
22:30 <Donos26> oh god, that's horrible
22:30 <KansasNavy> i think im going head out. thanks Jan! thanks all!
22:30 <Yrfeloran> I don't think the Princess is Cade's sister this time
22:30 <Yrfeloran> Or the Zeltron, for that matter
22:30 <simonvv> maybw Queen Jool :o
22:30 <simonvv> *maybe
22:30 <IanR> ha!
22:30 <McEwok> Jaymach - you want a Codru-Ji?
22:30 <Donos26> Seeya all, thanks again Jan.
22:30 * Donos26 has left #eu
22:31 <Jaymach> I really do :P lol
22:31 <piranha> (whimpering... "didn't get my Mandalorian questions answered....")
22:31 <Jan_Duursema> Takes a cool name to get a character named after you...
22:31 * KansasNavy has left #eu
22:31 <piranha> Darth Prana
22:31 * Jaymach goes to try to think up cooler names then :P
22:31 <piranha> I'll give you that one for free.
22:31 <simonvv> Darth simonvv :S
22:31 <IanR> too much like Darth Prawn :)
22:31 <Jan_Duursema> Princess and a guy like Cade? Nah.
22:31 <R_Zion> Darth Zion?
22:31 <Yrfeloran> I still like Darth Kudli
22:31 <Jaymach> the only ones I've had in the past were Jaymach Ral'Tir, D'takron Malniz, and Seentral Draxum
22:32 <piranha> Please please do a sketch of Darth Kudli and post it online somewhere. Please.
22:32 <Jan_Duursema> Darth Zion ain't bad.
22:32 <Jaymach> lol
22:32 <simonvv> Darth RReban :)
22:32 <IanR> I'm off to get ready for work unfortunately. Good luck with the series Jan, I look forward to #2
22:33 <Jan_Duursema> I'll see about a sketch of Darth Kudli--I can just see me telling Randy that's why Legacy 4 is late...
22:33 <Yrfeloran> Darth Yrf would be a bit of a mouthful. Also silly :)
22:33 <Jan_Duursema> Hey, Ian--see ya!
22:33 <QuinlanVos> Darth Psychotic
22:33 <IanR> bye all!
22:33 <simonvv> bye IanRª
22:34 <simonvv> hey btw nice to meet you all! first time in a chat like this
22:34 * IanR has quit IRC (Client exited.)
22:34 <R_Zion> Darth Paralellogram
22:34 <Jan_Duursema> actually my first chat too.
22:34 <Yrfeloran> Bye! :)
22:34 <Jaymach> my 1st chat like this
22:34 <simonvv> Darth Yupanki
22:34 <Jaymach> though I'm used to other chats
22:34 <Jaymach> mostly the Wookieepedia meetings, however
22:34 <piranha> let's hope it's just the first of many.
22:34 <simonvv> i only read tf.net and dh messager boards
22:34 <R_Zion> Dark Lord of Geometry
22:34 <Yrfeloran> Darth names are just fun :)
22:34 * KnightHammer has joined #eu
22:35 <Jan_Duursema> I gotta run too--nice talking to you all! If you have any more questions--you know where to find me!
22:35 * Jaymach shakes his fist at everyone to head on over to the Wookieepedia :P
22:35 <piranha> take care.
22:35 <McEwok> Bye, Jan - thank you!
22:35 <simonvv> bye Jan, thanks
22:35 <Jaymach> catch you later Jan :) have a good one....and thanks for the great art in the comics :P
22:35 <R_Zion> adios, Jan-sensei
22:35 <Yrfeloran> Night! And thank you! :)
22:35 <Dunc> Bye - and thanks again!
22:35 <Jan_Duursema> :D You all are the best!!! :D
22:35 <piranha> Dunc, are you the same Dunc from the early days of fanfic?
22:36 <McEwok> Hah! Outed!
22:36 <Jaymach> Dunc = Spork
22:36 <Jaymach> so yes
22:36 * Jan_Duursema has quit IRC (Client exited.)
22:36 <simonvv> so... do you like Legacy?
22:36 <piranha> were you the 'editor' of a fanfic interview website for about a month or two, back in the mid-90s
22:37 * Jaymach points over at Club Jade
22:37 <R_Zion> Well, I guess I'll be off too....night all! see you in the funny pages
22:37 <Jaymach> night Zion :)
22:37 <piranha> cjoh or something like that.
22:37 <simonvv> bye Zion
22:37 * R_Zion has quit IRC (CGI:IRC.)
22:37 * Criatal has quit IRC (Client exited.)
22:37 <Dunc> Fanfic interviews?
22:37 <piranha> sort of.
22:37 <Dunc> I don't think we did interviews...
22:37 <piranha> or reviews.
22:37 <McEwok> CPOV?
22:37 <Dunc> Yes, reviews
22:37 <piranha> that's it.
22:38 <McEwok> I should probably go sleep soon...
22:38 <Jaymach> pffft
22:38 <Dunc> Spring 96ish to... 1998 sometime
22:38 <Jaymach> it's only coming up for 4am McEwok :)
22:38 <piranha> right.
22:38 <piranha> I did a review of one of Brendon Wahlberg's stories way back when.
22:38 <Dunc> Really?
22:38 <simonvv> 4am! here is 9.28pm
22:38 <piranha> his "Journal of the Whills"
22:38 <Dunc> Ahh...
22:39 <Jaymach> it's 3:38am here in the UK :P
22:39 <Dunc> 10:39 here...
22:39 <piranha> I vaguely recall sending it in to you and communicating with you about it.
22:39 <piranha> just curious.
22:39 <razzy1319> 1042
22:39 <razzy1319> am
22:39 <Dunc> I think I remember the review...
22:40 <piranha> I sadly cringe every time a new story comes along to further invalidate Brendon's version of the universe.
22:40 <Jaymach> so Spork...how much sucking up does it .really. take? you'd know :P lol
22:40 <Dunc> Sucking up?
22:40 <McEwok> Jaymach - my libidio isn't on EST like yours!
22:40 <Dunc> I've done no sucking up.
22:41 <Dunc> Oh, the Dunc T'racen thing...
22:41 <piranha> It's 8:15 where I am.
22:41 <Jaymach> aye :P
22:41 <Dunc> Honestly, I have no idea. They just... did it.
22:41 * Jaymach will have to learn the power of mind control then
22:41 <simonvv> i hope his kind of chats become regular, in my city i cant find anyone to talk about legacy, or star wars
22:41 * Default has joined #eu
22:42 <Dunc> I might start doing something monthly in the fall.
22:42 <piranha> okay everyone.. gotta run. thanks for the great chat. see you all next time, whenver there is a next time.
22:42 <Dunc> For now... just new releases.
22:42 <simonvv> great
22:42 * Default is now known as Levi
22:42 <Jaymach> if you can ever get some oldies in then I'd be happy :P
22:42 <Jaymach> 2 in particular....
22:42 * Jaymach whistles
22:42 * Levi has left #eu
22:42 * Dunc snorts
22:43 <Jaymach> worth a shot, hey? :P
22:43 * piranha has quit IRC (Client exited.)
22:43 <Dunc> Not very likely.
22:44 <McEwok> Shame. Someone ought to tell them that some fans think Fen/Kyp/Dogder is a canon 'ship...
22:45 <Dunc> Ha!
22:46 <Yrfeloran> I am rooting for Jag/Zekk at this point, just because I'm sick of all the Jaina drama
22:47 <Jaymach> O.o
22:47 <McEwok> I think Zekk/Shawnkyr may work...
22:48 * QuinlanVos has left #eu
22:50 <McEwok> Okay... 4am, and I need sleep... :)
22:50 <Jaymach> pffft
22:50 <Yrfeloran> sleep is for the weak
22:50 <McEwok> Dawn chorus started here...
22:50 <Yrfeloran> your Sith Apprentice might backstab y ou
22:50 <Jaymach> nobody .needs. sleep :P
22:50 <McEwok> Sleep is for the Wok.
22:50 <Yrfeloran> and then where yould you be?
22:50 <Jaymach> besides...it's light outside! :)
22:50 <McEwok> *shakes head*
22:50 <Jaymach> time to wake up :)
22:50 <Yrfeloran> go to bed :)
22:51 <McEwok> Thanks to Dunc for organizing this...
22:51 <McEwok> And... bye!
22:51 <simonvv> byeª
22:51 <Yrfeloran> bye :)
22:51 * Yrfeloran has quit IRC (CGI:IRC.)
22:51 <Jaymach> cya later McEwok :)
22:52 * McEwok retreats into the undergrowth, yubbing happily
22:52 * McEwok has quit IRC (CGI:IRC.)
22:52 <KnightHammer> i dont know if you guys have covered this ground before but doesn't this new series seem like the retelling of the same story?
22:53 <Jaymach> yes and no
22:53 <Jaymach> Star Wars is just telling the same story over and over
22:53 <Jaymach> it's all they can do
22:53 <Jaymach> but there's always some difference that makes it worth the money
22:53 <KnightHammer> after all the sith come from Korriban again, the Empire is back again, and the Jedi are in trouble again
22:53 <KnightHammer> lol
22:53 <KnightHammer> tru
22:53 <simonvv> on a big picture is the same thing, but if you look closer there is a lot of differences
22:54 <KnightHammer> yea definitley but i feel likes its time for something "new"
22:54 <Jaymach> they tried new with the Vong
22:54 <Jaymach> they got a very bad reaction
22:55 <Jaymach> though, tbh, the extragalactic bio-technology threat isn't entirely new
22:55 <Jaymach> eg. Charon, Nagai/Tof's, et al
22:55 <KnightHammer> i haven't gotten that far in the EU yet so i can't judge the NJO
22:55 <simonvv> the NJO is not that bad
22:55 <Jaymach> I loved the NJO personally
22:55 <Jaymach> but it got a really bad reaction from a lot of fans
22:56 <simonvv> yeah
22:56 <Jaymach> so I expect they'll stick with what they know works for a while
22:56 <Jaymach> it makes sense financially
22:56 <simonvv> and its not a bad ideaª
22:56 <Jaymach> nope, it's not :)
22:57 <KnightHammer> Star Wars just doens't feel like Star Wars without Luke or Anakin
22:57 <simonvv> besides.. we are only in issue 1, there are a lot of things comming upª
22:57 <Jaymach> Cade is, more or less, Anakin
22:57 <KnightHammer> thats tru i'm just saying the underling themes have been used before
22:57 <simonvv> hey KOTOR games doesnt have any Skywalkers and its greatª
22:58 <Jaymach> well the underlying themes in anything have been used before if you look hard enough
22:58 <KnightHammer> True but it is BEFORE the OT
22:58 <Jaymach> you can compare any SW story to another novel
22:58 <Jaymach> and this is after the OT :P
22:58 <KnightHammer> i mean in the context of star wars
22:58 <Jaymach> there's no difference
22:58 <KnightHammer> i'm not trying to say "simpsons did it!"
22:59 <Jaymach> South Park buff, eh?
22:59 <KnightHammer> i'm just saying a lot of things are the same, they've been done before
22:59 <KnightHammer> at least in this 1st issue
22:59 <Jaymach> sure have :) and they sold before
22:59 <simonvv> thats right
22:59 <KnightHammer> not realy :)
22:59 <Jaymach> they'll most likely continue to be the same until they stop selling
22:59 <Jaymach> then they'll change
23:00 <KnightHammer> well Thrawn and The Jedi Academy werent the same and they were still interesting and probably the best EU stories out there
23:00 <Jaymach> I'm not a fan of the Thrawn Trilogy in any way
23:01 <Jaymach> but they only hadn't been done because they were some of the 1st novels
23:01 <Dunc> And I can't stand the JA
23:01 <KnightHammer> exactly
23:01 <Dunc> They did love their darksiders in Bantam, though
23:01 <KnightHammer> this is the 1st time someone has gone past the era of Luke
23:02 <simonvv> i only read Outbound Flight and Thrawn was a really good character
23:02 * bkarmaguy has joined #eu
23:02 * Jaymach has read quite literally every SW novel out there
23:02 <simonvv> i will read Thrawn triology
23:02 <Jaymach> and trust me...the same story over and over again (in the big picture) never gets boring for me :P
23:03 * Dunc has read most of them
23:03 <Dunc> I have frequent bouts of apathy
23:03 <KnightHammer> lol
23:03 * Jaymach wishes he hadn't read them all so he didn't hae to go begging for unpublished material just to get some new continuity
23:04 <simonvv> how about Republic Commando+
23:04 <KnightHammer> love it
23:04 <Jaymach> I'd ask if you were meaning Triple Zero or Hard Contact, but I've read both
23:04 <Jaymach> and the game was awesome too
23:04 <Dunc> Those I haven't read yet
23:04 <simonvv> i didnt read the books. but i played the gameª
23:05 <Jaymach> I can highly recommend them
23:05 <Dunc> That's the kind of thing that hits my apathy spot
23:05 <simonvv> still waiting for the sequel
23:05 <Jaymach> I'm usually not too keen on clones
23:05 <Jaymach> but I loved the RC novels
23:05 <Dunc> bunch of original characters AND preqeul-era? Nope.
23:05 <KnightHammer> i've read Hard Contact and am in the process of reading Triple Zero
23:05 * newnick has joined #eu
23:06 <simonvv> and of course im waiting for KOTOR III
23:06 <Jaymach> you realize there's not even plans to make it yet, right?
23:06 <Jaymach> nor plans to make a sequel to Republic Commando
23:06 <simonvv> oh yes its going to be a loonng wait
23:06 * newnick is now known as Fritz
23:06 <KnightHammer> o definitly
23:07 <simonvv> KOTOR III is more posible than a Republic Commando sequel
23:07 <KnightHammer> well they did announce they were working on something for 07
23:07 * bkarmaguy has quit IRC (Client exited.)
23:07 <Fritz> ?
23:07 <simonvv> thats the jedi knight-like game i think
23:07 <KnightHammer> Jedi Knight like game?
23:08 <KnightHammer> i'm hoping they make a sequel to the game
23:08 <Jaymach> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Future_games
23:08 <Dunc> I think that's a whole new game
23:08 <Jaymach> that's the only ones that have been announced so far
23:08 <Dunc> The Vader game?
23:08 <simonvv> yes
23:08 <Jaymach> the Vader game is Force Unleashed
23:09 <simonvv> hope they release it for PC
23:09 <Jaymach> X-Box 360 only
23:09 * albizu has joined #eu
23:09 <simonvv> :(
23:09 <simonvv> Star wars : Imperial Ace??
23:09 * RogueOne has quit IRC (CGI:IRC (Ping timeout).)
23:09 <Fritz> or KotOR III, right
23:09 <Jaymach> that's a mobile phone game
23:10 <Jaymach> there's no plans for KoTOR III at all :P
23:10 <Jaymach> it's entirely possible they won't make it
23:10 <Fritz> really? I thought there were, ok thanks
23:10 <simonvv> do you think so Jaymach%
23:10 <albizu> what about BattleFront 3?
23:10 <Jaymach> again, no plans
23:10 <KnightHammer> it is one of the best seling games for xbox and lucasarts it seems likely they will make a third KOTOR
23:11 <KnightHammer> BF 3 would be nice
23:11 <simonvv> lets just wait a couple of years.or maybe in Celebracion IV we will have news
23:11 <Jaymach> all that is planned so far (that we know of) are: Force Unleashed, LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (expansion pack) and Star Wars: Imperial Ace (movile phone game)
23:11 <Jaymach> but it .is. likely they'll make another KOTOR
23:11 <albizu> what is Force unleashed? never heard.
23:11 <Jaymach> that's the Vader gmae
23:11 <Jaymach> *game
23:11 <Jaymach> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Force_Unleashed
23:12 <albizu> OH!!! Ok...guess I have heard...
23:12 <albizu> cool
23:12 <simonvv> so.. any news on the clone wars series?
23:12 <Fritz> wait, is it necessarily vader? I thought it was just a dark side character as far as we knew
23:12 <Jaymach> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Clone_Wars_%283-D%29
23:12 <Jaymach> it is Vader
23:12 <simonvv> guesss before i ask i must search the wiki
23:13 <Jaymach> the Wookiee' :)
23:13 * Jaymach is an administrator over there
23:13 <simonvv> yep
23:13 <simonvv> really?
23:13 <Jaymach> indeed
23:13 <Jaymach> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/User:Jaymach
23:15 <simonvv> i see..
23:15 <simonvv> im olderª
23:15 <Dunc> So am I.
23:16 * Fritz has quit IRC (CGI:IRC.)
23:16 * Jaymach knows he's young :)
23:16 <Dunc> I'm on the Wookiee too, but I do much less editing
23:16 <Jaymach> hey you design our picture :P we need you lol
23:17 <Dunc> :D
23:17 <simonvv> Im not in the wookiee
23:19 <Dunc> not all are callede...
23:19 * Dunc is in a weird mood
23:19 <Jaymach> callede?
23:19 <Dunc> called
23:19 <simonvv> oh okª
23:19 * Dunc sighs.
23:20 <Dunc> I should format the logs. Ugh
23:21 * Jaymach really loves the new Keane album
23:21 * albizu has quit IRC (Client exited.)
23:22 * Dunc has her new June playlist
23:23 * simonvv listening Ghostbusters theme
23:23 <simonvv> btw sorry for my english
23:23 <Dunc> s'okay
23:24 <Dunc> chat is informal. :)
23:24 <simonvv> yepª
23:25 <simonvv> i really like the name "Antares Draco"
23:25 <Dunc> Legacy #0 gave me so amny damn plot bunnies...
23:27 <simonvv> i can see now the Imperial Knights action figures
23:27 <KnightHammer> lol
23:28 <KnightHammer> one of my new jokes for guys who die in one frame of being introduced is
23:39 <Dunc> a bit over the top
23:39 <Dunc> They're not... always that bad, are they?
23:40 <Jaymach> I quite enjoy them myself